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Technical Questions

3Helix’s Collagen Hybridizing Peptide is a short synthetic peptide that can specifically bind to damaged, denatured, or remodeling collagen through structural recognition.

All CHP peptides are 30 amino acids in length.

3Helix offers five types of CHPs so you can select the correct probe for your study.

F-CHP is labeled with fluorescein for direct fluorescence detection.

R-CHP is labeled with sulfo-Cyanine 3 for direct fluorescence detection.

B-CHP is labeled with biotin for avidin/streptavidin-mediated detection. B-CHP offers flexible detection options, such as non-green fluorescence and HRP-enzyme methods, to avoid background noise and enhance signal.

In vivo CHP is labeled with sulfo-Cynanine 7.5 incorporates our newest sequence which allows them to be directly injected into animals without having to pre-activate them with a heating step.

Auto-CHP is made for use in auto-staining platforms and is available for select partners.

CHPs can identify damage in all 28 subtypes of collagen within the collagen superfamily, regardless of species or tissue type.

Collagen hybridizing peptides are proven to specifically recognize denatured collagen molecules in a variety of tissues, species, and disease models.

CHPs are especially stable, however the attached dyes are not as stable once reconstituted.

CHPs can be stored in -20°C as a powder for long term storage and 4°C after reconstitution in water.

For F-CHP and B-CHP, there is no need to aliquot and freeze. For the R-CHP and the in vivo CHP, they should be used immediately or aliquoted to reduce the freeze-thaw cycles.

R-CHP, F-CHP, and the in vivo CHP must be protected from light.

All CHP peptides are 30 amino acids in length.
CHPs are suitable for frozen, flash frozen, and paraffin-embedded sections.
We recommend that the tissues incubate with the staining solution for 4°C for at least 2 hours. For optimal results overnight incubation is recommended.
Fixation is not necessary for CHP staining. However, if fixing is required for other reasons, the tissue can be chemically fixed before hand.

For fluorescent imaging (e.g., when using F-CHP or R-CHP), we recommend using formaldehyde, instead of paraformaldehyde or glutaraldehyde.

Yes. CHP needs to be heated up prior to use EACH TIME. Once it is cooled down and stored at 4°C for a while in solution it will gradually re-assemble into the trimeric form. *

After years of working with F-CHP and B-CHP, we found no limit of its heating/cooling cycles. The peptide is very stable both chemically and physically. However, we do NOT recommend users to heat up the stock solution. The recommended procedure is that a user only aliquot out the needed amount from the stock solution (e.g., 10 µL, 50 µM) and dilute it to the required concentration.

*not applicable for in vivo CHP, see User Guide
A tissue slide can be readily co-stained with CHP and an antibody together. The primary antibody can be directly diluted into the CHP solution after the CHP solution is heated and cooled down to room temperature. Costain the slides with CHP and the antibody together overnight at 4°C.

When co-staining samples with CHP and antibodies, we recommend blocking the tissue slides with 10% serum or 5% BSA. (For certain tissue types, e.g., kidney, it may be necessary to block endogenous biotin using a standard kit for B-CHP staining.)

General Questions & Logistics

CHPs are shipped in powder form via FedEx two-day service (Priority International for International shipments).

CHPs are very stable and can be shipped without temperature controls, however we recommend that you store the peptide in -20° for long term storage as a powder.

Once your order has shipped it should arrive in 2 business days, or about a week for international shipments.

You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has been processed and shipped.

We accept all major credits cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay, and Amazon Pay.

If you work in a University, Hospital, Research Facility, or business that uses Purchase Orders we also accept payments on a Net 30 basis. Please email your purchase orders to You may also select 'Purchase Order' as your method of payment when checking out on our site.

Due to the nature of the peptides we sell, we do not accept returns.

3Helix stands behind the quality of our products and will work with you in the event of a quality control issue. Please feel free to contact us via email in order to resolve any issues you may have with your order.

Yes! You can use your own FedEx account. Please provide 3Helix with your FedEx account number and we will wave the shipping fee and charge your FedEx shipping account directly.
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