Collagen Hybridizing Peptides (CHPs) directly target damaged collagen, used to study fibrotic and inflammatory conditions. In NASH, CHPs have been used to accurately determine disease activity and comment on reversibility of fibrotic changes. When combined, these observations can accurately delineate between patients likely to progress quickly and those whose level of disease is more likely to remain stable

NASH Papers Utilizing CHPs

1. Advances in the clinical use of collagen as biomarker of liver fibrosis (Taylor & Francis, 2020) 

2. Quantitative Liver Fibrosis Using Collagen Hybridizing Peptide to Predict Native Liver Survival in Biliary Atresia: A Pilot Study (JPGN, 2020)

3. An Intrinsically Nontrimerizing Peptide Probe for Specifically Targeting Pathological Collagen in Connective Tissues (Wiley, 2020) 

4. A thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis model for pre-clinical studies in microminipig (Nature, 2023)